VITRINE Gallery Basel: Sylvain Baumann, Justin Eagle, Raja’a Khalid

Plante d’intérieur 1-3, 2016, digital print on vinyl

E / The difficulty in visualizing the structure of our surroundings and understanding its mechanisms doesn’t come only due to architecture. Interior design, visual communication, products of mass consumption, signage, public speeches, etc, surround us too, pretend to help us define our position and ask us to interact with them. They promise us something that does not exist yet, or that we are not able to see with our basic senses. The architectural elements that I use in my practice today, as well as the found furniture, images and texts, interrogate our society as a promise. The constellations of elements that I develop try to recreate some kind of meta-space that suggest to the viewer where he could be, here but also somewhere else, in the physical world and in a fictive world at the same time. With my work, I attempt to occupy the virtual dimension of the physical space.

Recently, these lines of research have led me to develop a set of procedures that the public could interact with. For example in the show at Vitrine, I offer the public the possibility of applying for a Certificate of Trustworthiness.

The engineering of trust in business through marketing has become the basis of my work. I have therefore decided to conceive my practice as a company. In order to distance myself from the process, I am now developing my work through company merchandising. Currently, my company develops a range of products called Trust ® << Because all we have is promises. >>

APPLY HERE, 2016, Application form for the obtention of a Certificate of Trustworthiness, free, Yoga mat station
APPLY HERE, 2016, Application form for the obtention of a Certificate of Trustworthiness, free
Incorporation/First contact/The need of beeing promising, 2016, sign for a trustwothy entity, acrylic paint on wood, 35 x 25 x 5 cm

Just You and Us
2016, Vacuum formed UV print on PVC
Realised during the residency “Excellence des métiers d’art” at École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués de Bourgogne, with students of Industrial Design; a residency programme supported by the DRAC Bourgogne/Franche-Comté and piloted by the Parc Saint Léger, Pougues-les-Eaux (F)