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View of the installation in the group show ‚Meanwhile, Elswhere‘ at Austellungraum Klingental Basel-CH with: Sylvain Baumann, Lorenza Diaz, Sybella Perry. Curator: Mareike Spendel



Sylvain Baumann is actually interested in the idea that we currently live in what he calls A Climate of Trust. Baumann claims that in the more and more complex, multi-layered and mediated world of today, it is no longer possible to rely on our comprehension and reason as the basis for decision making. Our ac- celerated environments which are regulated through an increasingly complex and opaque network of rules and regulations, terms and conditions, require that we trust in our intuition. Baumann explores how contemporary design strategies and media imagery are used to speak directly to our instincts and asks, in a Climate of Trust, is there any space left for doubt and are individual thought and agency still possible at all?

Mareike Spendel




PROMISE, 2015, inkjet print laminate on dibon, 128 x 90 cm

PROMISE, 2015, gold wooden pot, self designed wall paper on wooden structure, inkjet print of a found image from the NASA in metal frame, bulb (back), shower gel (back), variable dimensions
FREE FALL, 2015, vitrine, plinth, given objects, 20 x 20 x 175 cm
A CLIMATE OF TRUST, 2015, digital print laminate on wood structure, wooden piece of furniture, potted plant, terra-cotta column, carpet
THREE, 2015, glass, concrete, blue foil, digital print, 220 x 50 x 40 cm