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HOW CLOSE WE ARE, 2009, metal grids, sound device, fluo lamps. Site specific installation, Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal - CH

Collaboration with Florine Leoni


Our exhibitions conquer the spaces they inhabit and lay siege to human con- duct; just such a happening can be found in our installation HOW CLOSE WE ARE exhibited at the Kunsthalle Palazzo in Switzerland. The brooding sally uses metal grids recovered from an abandoned brewery to which sound and lighting are integrated. Guided by a categorical refusal of all identi- fiable forms, a bleak space is created where the menacing texture of the air, light, and material obliterates the location’s hospitality, and where the only question visitors can ask of themselves is if they are welcome there at all.

Part of the collective exhibition IN A WONDERLAND. Participant : Böffgen Lisa | Göttin Daniel | Guerrier Claire | Hagmann Sabine | Hasenböhler Serge |
Holveck Cécile | Kenny Clare | Leoni Florine & Baumann Sylvain | Min Ji Sook | Rieder Maja | Schär Susanne & Spillmann Peter | Trouillet Céline
Curatoring : Andrea Domesle